water leak repairs greenville scWater leaks in Greenville SC can cost you money.

In this post we are going to go over a simple test that Greenville SC homeowners can perform to see if they are losing water.

Have you ever received a bill from your local water utility and discovered a huge balance due? We get at least one call a week where a homeowner just opened their water bill and went into sticker shock: “Why is my water bill $1,500 when it is normally $150?”

The reason for such a drastically high water usage bill is usually a water leak. The type of leak that causes a high water bill can be something as obvious as a garden hose mistakenly being left open for days, several dripping faucets within the house or a broken main water line in the ground.

Although these examples are some of the most common sources for water loss and a high utility bill, the most common culprit of water loss in a residence is a leaky toilet tank flapper. Yes, that little vinyl or rubber flapper inside your toilet tank could quietly be draining your bank account.; Even if you do not have a huge utility bill each month, you could be losing money and wasting water.

The flapper is located in the tank portion of your toilet. When the tank lever is pushed down to flush, the flapper lifts up letting the water rush down into the bowl and complete the flush. The flapper then seats itself back onto the flush valve assembly and is supposed to make a water-tight seal.

If that water tight seal does not occur completely, water escapes down into the bowl and eventually into the sewer system. Sometimes this water escaping is minimal and hard to notice. Other times, the water loss is heard via the fill valve starting and stopping to refill the lost water in the tank, also referred to as a phantom or ghost flush. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of gallons of water can be lost each month from this problem.

Here’s a simple test you can perform to see if you’re losing water via your toilet’s flapper:  Read the rest of the post  here =>angieslist.com<= Article by: Matt Pelino of Booze Plumbing and Heating

We hope this helped Greenville SC homeowners spots a leak and save money.  If you have any sort of HVAC need, be sure to give us a call today.  We are here to help with any heating or cooling need.