Are you perspiring? What is causing the temperature to rise? You may ignore your home’s air conditioning equipment in the midst of daily living. It’s possible that your air conditioner has ceased working. This could be due to it being overworked. It could also be that it is not serviced as frequently as it should be. Address HVAC issues as soon as possible. This is done to prevent temperature swings. It can also help to lessen the risk of floods. Most AC issues can be resolved in a couple of minutes. Consider the five most typical air conditioning problems. We even provide remedies to these problems.

The air conditioner is completely inoperative.
Your air conditioner will go out without warning. Before consulting an HVAC professional, there are certain things you may take to identify and resolve the problem. Check the batteries in your thermostat first. Changing batteries is an easy home task to overlook. Because of their “put it and forget it” nature, thermostats are frequently overlooked. If the batteries are dead, replace them. Make sure your thermostat is set to “cooling.” Also, ensure that the desired temperature is met. If nothing changes, you may need to reset the circuit breaker on the air conditioner.

Your air conditioner is blowing warm or hot air.
Few things are more inconvenient than an air conditioner that only blows warm air. Check that the thermostat settings haven’t changed before proceeding. If your thermostat settings are correct, the first thing you should do is replace your air filter. Frozen coils in air conditioners are typically caused by old, clogged air filters.
If the air filter is not the problem, you could be low on refrigerant. If this is the case, feel the largest copper wire that leads to the system’s condenser. If it’s moist and cool to the touch, your levels are superb. If either of these traits is missing, the refrigerant level is low. Call an HVAC professional to refill or fix the refrigerant reservoir.

You Have A Unit That Is Leaking
Some fluid and condensate do leak from HVAC units. Excessive leakage suggests a number of problems with numerous solutions. Typically, the condensate line is clogged. It is simple enough to unclog on your own. Make careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have any questions, please contact one of our HVAC technicians. We can locate the leak and rule out anything more dangerous.

hvac repair in Greenville SCInequitable Temperature Distribution
Have you ever observed that one part of your house is consistently warmer than another? Is one region cooler than another? An unbalanced air system could be the source of the issue. Many factors influence which areas of your home receive priority from the HVAC unit. These factors include the size of the room, the air vents, the windows, and the outside temperature. Cover large windows with sun-blocking drapes or shutters. You should inspect the insulation in each room. Add dampers to your HVAC system as well. This will move the air and make each room the same temperature.

Your air conditioner is really loud.
You should be able to feel your HVAC system working. You should not have to hear it. If your air conditioner seems to be working overtime to keep you cool, it probably is. Air conditioners that fail make a range of noises. These can be difficult to identify if you are not a professional. Squealing and screeching can indicate a faulty belt. Rattling sounds could indicate a problem with the engine, fans, or compressors. Checking the thermostat and cleaning up around your exterior unit are smart places to start. However, if you notice any unusual noises, you should contact an HVAC professional.

An Air Temp Control specialist is the best way to avoid frequent HVAC problems. Your HVAC system will be maintained and repaired by us. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If a simple, inexpensive repair is ignored, it might grow into a large, costly one. Call us immediately to schedule an appointment with one of our dependable professionals.