This post is going to show Greenville SC homeowners how to hang a pegboard.

Pegboards can help you organize your closets, work spaces, garages and basements.  Once you start to see how handy they are you will probably want to install more.

Step 1: Allow for Sufficient Space Behind the Pegboard

When mounting pegboard, it’s critical to remember that it must be mounted so there is a little bit of space behind the surface of the board because the hooks or pegs are designed to insert through holes in the board and hook from behind.

allow for sufficient space behing pegboard

Step 2: Mark the Location of the Wall Studs

As with cabinets and shelving, you’ll first need to find the wall studs behind the drywall for mounting the pegboard support strips. A stud sensor will simplify the job of finding the wall studs. Once you’ve located and marked the wall studs, use a level to scribe a horizontal line on the wall to serve as a guide.

stud sensor simplifies job of finding wall studs

Step 3: Create A Framework Backing for the Pegboard

Mount a horizontal strip of wood to the wall with wood screws using the mark as a guide. Drive the screws into the studs to provide adequate support. Follow this same procedure to install strips to create a framework backing for your pegboard, including some vertical strips across the center area to provide median support so that the pegboard is structurally sound once it is mounted.

install strips to create framework backingRead this rest of the instructions here,
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