You may think you need to be an electrician to do this type of project.

The answer is no.  By following the tips below, it is actually very easy.  This post comes from the diynetwork site and was written by Allegra Bennett.

Step 1: Turn Off the Power

The most important step when doing any electrical work is to make sure the power to the circuit is turned off. Shut off the power at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Also, double check that the power is really turned off by flipping the switch on and off to make sure the current is really off to make sure there is no flowing current flowing through the line.

Step 2: Remove the Switch Plate and Box

Once the power is off, remove the existing switch plate using a screwdriver.

Remove the screws that keep the switch attached to the box.

Disconnect existing wiring from the box and remove the box (always unscrew the grounding wire last).

remove screws that keep switch attached to box

Step 3: Attach the Dimmer and Finish Installation

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