There are few comforts in our home that we value more than our Home Air Conditioning System. We may forget how important it is to us most of the time, but we remember quickly once it breaks. That is why it is important to maintain our air conditioning and know the signs of an air conditioner that needs attention. Problems with air conditioning systems can range from small issues with smells or air flow that are easily fixed by routine maintenance to large problems that require major repairs or even replacement.

One common problem that Home Air Conditioning Systems experience is a musty or “dirty sock” smell. This often happens at the beginning of the warm seasons after the air conditioner has gone unused for a while. Most often this is the result of mildew or bacteria building up on the cooling coils. This can be remedied by cleaning the coils with special cleaning liquids. Another common problem is decreased air flow in the ducts or inefficient cooling. This can often be caused by dirty ducts. Over time, the ducts accrue a build up of dust and dirt. For household with curious children ducts can be further clogged by socks, toys, and other random objects. Dirty ducts may also pose a health risk for people with allergies and could even result in mold growth posing a health risk to everyone. Regular cleaning of the ducts by local professionals can easily solve this problem.

In some cases you air conditioning unit may stop altogether. This can be be caused by a variety of problems including a blown fuse, broken capacitor, or broken blower motors. These problems can be difficult for non-professionals to diagnose and possibly dangerous to attempt repairs if you are not properly trained. For that reason, a professional should always be contacted. In fact, it is best that a professional be contacted anytime you notice a change in your Home Air Conditioning System whether it be poor air circulation, strange noises, or a change in temperature. Small problems can easily become bigger problems which mean expensive repairs. Contacting a professional HVAC repair person will save you money in the long run and ensure that you are comfortable throughout the summer months.

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By Steven Gail|Submitted On May 25, 2010