heil furnaces in greenville scWhen picking a new Heil Furnace in Greenville SC it is good to know about Heil.

Below is some information straight from the Heil website to help you feel more comfortable about your Heil furnace purchase.

Many times you can offset your furnaces cost by savings on your monthly utility bills. By estimating efficiency savings, you can approximate how long it would take for the new furnace to pay for itself. For example, if it costs $3,000 to install, but saves you $65 every month, it will pay for itself in less than four years.

Make sure your new system will meet your comfort requirements! Things like quiet operation, even-air-flow and moisture control all affect your system’s overall performance and your comfort level. And not all systems are created equal! Check to be sure that your system operates to your required specifications.

Heil warranties are among the best in the industry—your written assurance of quality.

Ask what maintenance or service plans a dealer offers. Regular maintenance on heating and cooling equipment will ensure that it continues to perform efficiently for years.

So if you live in Greenville SC or any surrounding area and you are looking for a new Heil furnace look no further.  Air Temp Control will help you select the proper Heil Furnace for your home or business.  We will also service your Heil Furnace to ensure it lasts for many years to come.