heat exchanger repair in greenville scCold weather is here in Greenville SC, and many of us will need to deal with gas furnaces that may not work properly during initial furnace startup and need repair, or even worse have a terminal failure like a bad heat exchanger, and need to be replaced with a new furnace all together.  Scheduled furnace maintenance can spot most issues before they become a problem.

A major problem that is commonly not noticed is a bad heat exchanger.

Symptoms that can indicate a bad heat exchanger include exhaust smell in your living space and soot around heat registers in the house or around the furnace itself. A breach in the heat exchanger allows exhaust gases to mix with the system’s circulated air and can result in dangerous levels of carbon monoxide inside the house.

Be sure to contact Air Temp Control to have your Furnace or Heat pump looked at to make sure you don’t have a broken heat exchanger.

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