greenville sc heating and cooling tipsMy fellow Greenville SC residence, Knowing how to reduce heating costs improves energy efficiency, energy costs, and makes your wallet fatter.

Simple tips can yield big savings for Greenville SC homeowners.

The number one way to reduce heating costs is to turn down your thermostat. The number one way to reduce heating costs is to turn down your thermostat. You can reduce the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees when the last household resident leaves for the day and when the last person goes to bed. Turn down the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees, which is still hot enough to bathe comfortably. Open your curtains during the day to let your house absorb the sun’s warmth, then close them at night.

Another way to reduce heating costs is to make sure that you’re operating an energy-efficient heater . Older model electric and gas furnaces tend to be more expensive to operate. By installing a newer model, you’ll discover that you’ll be saving money when it comes to heating costs. In addition, you’ll also receive tax credits for becoming more energy-efficient.

Less creative but certainly practical ways to reduce heating costs include blackout curtains which trap heat, weather stripping and insulation upgrades. However, more advanced and costly changes will pay off if a homeowner intends to remain in the home for many years.

Use automatic programmable thermostats . When used correctly, they can reduce heating costs by about 10%.

Geothermal heat pumps and cooling systems can be a highly effective way to help reduce heating costs. Further, they are relatively renewable source of energy. Unlike coal or heating oil, these systems use the natural temperature stability of the earth to help control room temperatures.