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This post comes to use today from and was written by Marcus Pickett

People with severe facial trauma have new hope, as this year saw the first U.S. face transplant—and most extensive ever—occur at the Cleveland Clinic, where a woman had 80 percent of her face replaced with a cadaver. For your home, exterior trauma related to natural disasters or just time can be more extensive than most people would imagine. While most homes need nothing more than a facelift associated with a single project, some need an upgrade with 80 percent or more of its exterior features.

Anatomy of a Face Transplant

Roofing: By far, the most common installation for a home’s face transplant, solid, energy-efficient roofing is a great place to start the process. Asphalt may give you a structurally sound scalp, but metal, composite, or traditional tile will add a beautiful head of hair.

Siding: It doesn’t take much imagination to see how siding is the skin of your home’s face. Providing basic protection, smooth, blemish-free siding is the major appeal of this installation. Older forms of vinyl siding can crack with age, aluminum can dent with a hailstorm or carelessly placed ladder, and wood can warp with exposure to moisture.

Porches: If roofing is the hair and siding is the skin, a new porch has to be the eyes, nose, and mouth. The area of greatest visual interest, homeowners are routinely shocked to see how dramatic a difference a new porch can make for their home’s look.

Landscaping: Landscaping typically offers some of the greatest opportunities to personalize your home. Whether you want a garden full of flowers for freckles, a shrubbery hedge for a beard, or decorative fences for eyebrows, it’s all about the details when it comes to landscaping.

Timelines: The face transplant at the Cleveland Clinic took 22 hours to complete. This way seem like a long time but here are the average project lengths for the four stages of a residential face transplant, according to ServiceMagic, the leader in contractor referral services:

Roof installation—5 days (asphalt roof), 10 days (high-end roof)
Siding installation—12 days
Porch build—11 days
Landscaping—8 days

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