commercial air conditioning service greenville scAt Air Temp Control, we offer commercial air conditioning service in Greenville SC on all brands.

If you feel that a heating or cooling component in your system is malfunctioning, let us examine the system as soon as possible. If you wait, the problem could cause wider system damage, and suddenly leave you without heat or air.

Fully servicing an HVAC system requires heating and cooling expertise that most business owners do not possess. If you fall into this category, having your business’s heating and air conditioning system serviced by Air Temp Control is your best choice.

If you own or run a business in Greenville SC or any surround area and are not familiar with heating and air conditioning problems, or how to fix these issues, you need a heating and cooling company you can trust and Air Temp Control is that company.

We have been performing high quality commercial air conditioning service in Greenville SC for many years. We adhere to all codes, licenses and laws and are backed by an experienced team of technicians fully equipped to handle every situation.

Contact us today to schedule your commercial Air conditioning service appointment.