The Christmas spirit is here! So start decorating the halls with festive garlands and live trees. However, as you heighten the Christmas spirit, you must also ensure that your HVAC system is in peak functioning order in order to keep your home warm and safe.

This holiday season, consider the following safety considerations for your HVAC system:

Don’t Block Your Air Vents

This Christmas, your home will most likely be overflowing with gifts. Decorations, gifts, and Christmas trees are just a few examples of what could take up your room. But did you know that when placed close to or in front of a vent, they might obstruct appropriate airflow and possibly raise your utility bills? To keep your home warm and your energy expenses low, keep these items away from your vent.

Keep Your Thermostat Uncovered

You could be tempted to decorate your thermostat in order to truly accomplish a Christmas-themed home. But it’s not a good idea! Hiding your thermostat makes it difficult for the device to accurately read the temperature. In that instance, your heating system will struggle to keep up. In exchange for comfort this holiday season, make a small visual sacrifice by exposing your thermostat.

Keep flammable items away from the fire.

You’ll very certainly be using papers, fabrics, and other materials as festive backdrops. Use caution when positioning them. To avoid fire threats, keep these combustible things away from any heat-generating appliances such as an electric blanket, space heater, radiator, and others.

Examine Your Outdoor Unit

This Christmas season, don’t forget to inspect your outside unit. Even though it is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, it still needs adequate care and maintenance to function correctly. Examine your unit’s components for icing and take away any debris that has accumulated around it.

Plan Your HVAC Inspection

A broken HVAC system can ruin the festive atmosphere on Christmas Eve. Contact your preferred HVAC firm in Greenville, SC as soon as possible for a professional evaluation of your comfort unit. They can assist in diagnosing and repairing problems before they create serious disruptions to your comfort and savings.

Christmas only comes around once a year, so make the most of it! Don’t allow a lack of comfort to dampen your festive spirit.

Our crew at Air Temp Control will ensure that your unit is in top functioning order so that you may spend the holiday with your loved ones. Contact us today, and we’ll deliver options that are within your price range.