bathroom remodel in greenville scSome Greenville SC homeowners may be considering a Bathroom remodel and if you are the following tips may make it easier for you to make it through a bit easier.

The following post was written by Michael Franco, Angie’s List Contributor.

Remodeling your bathroom in Greenville  SC can leave you with a clean, gleaming room full of designer touches, a logical layout and beautiful surfaces. Getting there, however, is another story.

In the days or weeks leading up to your dream bathroom, the space might look like little more than a pile of rubble with dust from the project blanketing floors and counter tops throughout your home. What’s worse, the room you would usually clean up in after all that work — and take care of the other essentials of life — won’t be available.

Here are a few ideas for how to live life during a bathroom renovation. These tips assume you only have one bathroom in the home. Otherwise, the solution is simple: Use the other one!

Schedule your remodel wisely

A bathroom remodel has many components. Planning them to fit with your family’s schedule can make things run as smoothly as possible. For example, if you have kids who need to go to school during the week and a spouse who needs to go to work, you’ll want to use those weekdays to do smaller projects that don’t involve plumbing, such as repainting, replacing lighting fixtures or redoing the floor. Saving the sink, tub and toilet for the weekend means that if something goes wrong or takes longer than expected, no one will have to go out in public unshowered or with bed head!

Do your project in parts

Depending on whether you’re doing the project yourself or if you have a professional contractor on the case, you might want to replace key fixtures like the tub, sink and toilet on different days. If you’re doing the work yourself, chances are good that you won’t be able to do all of that in a day or two, so removing and replacing one fixture at a time will keep the bathroom at least partially functioning throughout the project. If you have a contractor doing the work, ask his or her opinion about how fast the key fixtures can be swapped out when reaching that stage of the project. At worst, you might have to do without a shower for a day or two, but the toilet and sink should only be out of service for a few hours.  Read the rest of the post here =><=

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