One thing Greenville SC homeowners can look at when it comes to saving money on their energy costs is their attic.

In this post we are going to show Greenville homeowners how they can save money by checking out their attics.

When you think of home energy cost savings, I would bet your attic isn’t your first consideration. But it should be! Most people think of their attic space as additional storage space, nothing more. That’s a big mistake.

Your attic has a number of important functions including:

  • Properly distributing the weight of your roof
  • Creating the ideal pitch for water run-off
  • Creating a protective, energy barrier for living spaces below

If you neglect your attic space, it can lead to big problems down the road.; For example, if left unaddressed, moisture build-up in your attic space can damage your rafters and roof sheathing leading to costly repairs and a potential roof replacement. If you use your attic as storage space, you may be unintentionally fueling the growth of mold and mildew, leading to health problems for you, your family or pets.

On the other hand, a properly configured attic space can significantly reduce energy costs. This can be achieved by making some basic improvements that will pay for themselves in a short amount time.

There are three key considerations for an ideal attic environment:

  1. Proper insulation
  2. Proper utilization
  3. Proper ventilation & circulation

1. Insulation – Heat flows from warmer to cooler areas of your home. When it is cold outside, and you run your heating system, the heat you are generating will naturally spread to your attic space. This is referred to as thermal flow, or conductive heat flow. Insulation is designed to create resistance to conductive heat flow. The level of resistance capacity associated with a measure of insulation is communicated as its “R-value.”

The higher the R- value of your insulation, the greater degree of thermal resistance it offers. Conversely, the lower the R- value of your insulation, the less thermally resistant it is, requiring your heating system to work harder in order to maintain the desired comfort level in living spaces. Similarly, in the summer, insulation helps keep heat from entering your air conditioned living spaces. Visit to obtain the recommended insulation R-value for your home, based on where you live.  Finish reading this post here =><=
Date Published: Feb 25 2013
Submitted by Cory Thomas of Superior Insulation & Attic Ventiliation

We hope this helps you understand a liitle more about attic insulation and ventilation in Greenville SC and helps you save money.

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