4 Tips That Will Keep Your Central Heat Functioning During The Cold

The winter season, though promises a lot of fun, may come with its set of disadvantages. According to most home heating experts, many boilers and central heating systems break down during the winter due to lack of proper maintenance. No one can do without these two systems in the house. During that season, many end up paying for an expensive central heating repair in Greenville SC. Nevertheless, you can take a few measures to prevent such repairs and keep your central heating system working properly through the winter. These include:

· Turn up the boiler thermostat

During the coldest days of winter, it would be best to set your thermostat to the maximum since it will help to manage the central heating system. Do not confuse this thermostat with the room thermostat that you find in one of the main rooms. This one is used on your boiler. Once you are past the coldest day, you can set it back to normal so that you do not overwork the boiler and end up paying for a costly boiler repair.

heating repair in greenville sc· Prevent the condensation pipe from freezing

When the temperatures are below the freezing point, the boiler will struggle to function if the condensate pipe is frozen. Fortunately, you can easily prevent or correct this problem. If you realize the pipes have already frozen, try to pour some hot water on them to unfreeze them. Then to prevent this from happening again, insulate the pipes with some rugs or old towels. It would be more effective if you bought proper pipe insulation from your local store.

· Power flush

If your central heating system is one of those old ones, blocked pipes can hinder the radiators from heating up properly thus causing the system to malfunction. Your central heating system may also have black sludge buildup that gives cold spots to your radiators. You can use a method called power flush to correct these problems. In this technique, an expert pumps cleaning chemicals together with water at a very high pressure through the radiators to flash out black sludge and any other blockage.

· Set the boiler to constant

To keep your heating system functioning well during the winter, you should also set it on constant 24-hour working procedure. Then keep the thermostat a little lower in temperature. This will help the system to run and prevent the pipes from freezing. Experts recommend this method even when it is not cold because it is effective.

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