How to Minimize Heater Repairs

Perhaps the only thing worse than paying a heating repair bill is paying out more money than needed for heating and air. Sure, we want to stay warm when it’s cold outside but not at the cost of breaking the bank. Consequently, the job is one of careful HVAC system maintenance balanced with proactive steps that -ideally- keep heating repair needs at a minimum.

9 Ways to Minimize Heater Repairs

So, what steps can be taken to minimize heating repair? Here are a few to consider:

· Check the furnace filter monthly and change it when it’s dirty. Not only will you save on utility bills but you will get better heating and air conditioning power.

· If the heater seems to come on and off at odd times or for short periods of time, adjust the HVAC unit to determine why it may be turning on and off erratically or quickly. Often, it just needs some minor adjustment to the thermostat.

· Check the humidifier on the furnace. If it is clogged or contains a burned-out solenoid water valve, or a bad drum motor then the unit will not work.

· Inspect the burner flames. You will need to turn on the power switch and activate the burners by raising the temperature on the furnace. If the flames are blue everything is okay; if they are yellow, then it is an indication that the burners need to be cleaned.

· Remove the blower and clean it. Use a vacuum and brush and carefully clean each blade being sure not to disturb the counterweights.

· Dust the hot surface igniter – but don’t touch it! Use a plastic straw and blow off any accumulated dirt. This approach will prevent getting burned, in addition to preventing the fragile piece from being broken.

· Check the bearings. In older systems, you will need to add a few drops of machine oil at least once a year.

· Adjust the dampers. If your heating system works with your air conditioning, then it is necessary to make adjustments. The dampers are often marked as to where the air is directed. You can adjust them to direct the warm air where you want it.

· Be sure that all air ducts are sealed to prevent air from seeping out. You can determine where any drafts are by holding a lit stick of incense next to the draft hood. If it is properly sealed, the smoke will be drawn to the hood.

We depend on our heaters to keep us comfortable and warm on those cold winter days, and colder winter nights. But that won’t happen if they are not properly taken care of. By using these tips, you can be sure that your heater will work as needed and that repairs can be kept at a minimum. Don’t be caught off guard and do your part to keep heating repairs in Greenville SC at bay.

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