Air Conditioner Service Duncan SCAn air conditioner can’t create cooling, it can only relocate heat. The heat is removed in two ways; an actual drop in temperature and as water. The air passes over a closed-loop coil filled with refrigerant and the air is cooled and dehumidified. The cold air is delivered to the space being cooled and the condensate, the water produced by dehumidification, is pumped or drained away.

Today, air-conditioning is used for comfort during hot weather, especially in Duncan SC where the summers can be brutal.  But according to it wasn’t even invented for that reason. The fact is that the world’s first air-conditioning system was invented not to cool air, but to dry it!

Cleaning air conditioner filters may seem like a complicated and time-consuming task, however it isn’t difficult at all. Cleaning the filter will hardly take ten minutes at the most. One can choose between disposable and permanent filters and perform quick and east steps to maintain them. Buy disposable filters in bulk to save time, cost and effort and simply replace them every month.

Air conditioners are a must for anyone living in a warm climate. As soon as the temperatures start rising, the air conditioning better be in condition or else tempers may flair. To be prepared for the warm seasons, make sure you have your air conditioning checked by a profession and make sure you have a good air conditioning unit.

Is your Duncan SC Air Conditioner broken? Is it not blowing cold air the way it used to? Are your utility bills too high? If so, give us a call today and we will be happy to come to your home and do a complete AC System check to make sure your Air Conditioner is working properly.