Three Things to Determine Before Calling the Heating Repair Company

A variety of considerations should be acknowledged prior to consulting with a heating repair company in Greenville SC. Most of your decision revolves around determining three important aspects of your current system. Take some time to answer the following questions first. You may be surprised at how much happier you are afterwards.

Is it the heater, or the home?

If you’re losing heat in your home, it could be caused by quite a few different kinds of issues. Believe it or not, the primary cause of heat loss in homes isn’t a broken heater, it’s a poorly sealed or insulated structure. Take a moment to perform a brief test. Turn your heater on full blast (assuming that it is pumping any heat at all) and walk around all of the areas of your home. Pay special attention to the corners of each room that lie on the outer walls. Do you notice any “cold zones?” This could be due to poor seals.

Seals are in a variety of places, from windows and doors to the mold and trim along baseboards. These cracks lead to your crawlspace, or directly through your walls to the exterior. Oftentimes they can go right under or through the insulation in the walls, creating a draft. And where there is steady airflow, there will certainly be a change in temperature. Before you call the heating repair company, make sure your home is inspected or repaired by a professional. If you can’t detect the issue, but still think this sounds like your problem, most companies will come and inspect your home as part of an estimation at no cost.

Should you Fix it or Replace it?

This question and the next are closely related, but this is perhaps the first and most important question to ask for your current financial status. If your system is quite aged (think older than 20 years) or is even the original heater, then you might want to consider a replacement. Your first step will be to find a company that offers a free estimate to take a look at what the problem is.

If the issue can be fixed with an inexpensive part from the heating repair company, you might think the decision is easy, but it could be more complex. If you can afford the price of the part, you might be able to finance a replacement. Another consideration is whether that same part will fail again in a short amount of time due to additional kinds of wear. Replacement systems can be a superior choice, but the energy bill savings are most important.

Have you Upgraded to Energy Star?

The final consideration for you to discuss with the heating repair company is whether you currently have an Energy-Star certified system. These systems often boast upwards of a 30% reduction in energy consumption. When you factor this into the electric or natural gas bill that you’re currently paying, a replacement system could pay for itself in as little as a year.

Even more, there are numerous tax credits for upgrading your appliances to an Energy Star or equivalent system. When you add these to the savings you’re already incurring on utilities, you can see how quickly replacing your system might be the better alternative. On a final note, though it might seem like an afterthought, a staggering amount of energy is used to heat homes. If you could cut down on this amount, and help preserve the earth’s environment in the meantime, wouldn’t that be worth the small investment?

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