Winters in South Carolina may be particularly harsh, as you are well aware. It is critical to have a heater that operates correctly throughout the season. Here are some advice from our heating repair company for preparing your heater so it can keep you warm when you need it the most:

Change your HVAC filter.

As a general rule, you should replace your HVAC filter at the start of each season. During the fall, your filter picks up dust, dirt, allergens, dander, and other particles. By the end of the season, it’s full and can’t filter your air as well as it should. To breathe the purest air, determine what type of filter your unit requires and get one from your local hardware or home improvement store. Read our blog for tips on selecting the best filter.

Prepare your registers and vents.

Before you turn on your heater, our company that fixes heaters suggests that you clean the vents or registers in your home. This will remove any additional buildup that may have accumulated in your air. Also, make sure that your vents are fully open and that nothing is blocking the airflow from them.

Take away any adjacent objects.

Remove any objects that are near or on top of your heater before turning it on. This comprises boxes, furniture, storage containers, and other items. Having objects nearby raises the chance of a fire, so protect yourself and your family.

Protect your condenser.

If you have a typical HVAC unit (the unit outside), you should buy a cover for the condenser. By covering it during the winter, you can keep hail, tree branches, trash, and other things from breaking it or making it ice up inside. Because heat pumps are unique, if your HVAC unit is a heat pump, do not cover it.

Increase the temperature.

Before you use your heater regularly, you should turn it on and test it to make sure it works well. Wait about a minute after setting your thermostat to “heat.” The unit should turn on and the circulated air should warm up. Allow the heat to run for a few minutes to ensure that your device is ready to use. If your heat does not come on for whatever reason, please contact our heating maintenance company.

Make an appointment for heating maintenance.

It’s a good idea to arrange a heating maintenance appointment with a competent HVAC firm every fall. At Air Temp Control, we can check your heater to make sure it can handle the cold weather in the Upstate. We’ll clean your heat exchanger, inspect your exhaust flue, lubricate and clean your blower motor, and look for cracks or corrosion, among other things. If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it right away.